baking physics to ipo when ipo actuators used

Hi all,

Using 2.49a. I want to bake game engine physics to IPO so I can render best quality animations. I want to use physics in the game engine because I have object collisions, but I also want to use IPO actuators because some of the object movement is quite complex and therefore very tedious to achieve using force actuators. The combination of force actuators and IPO actuators does work when simply running the game engine, but when I choose to bake to IPO, the IPO actuators don’t run in the game engine.

I guess what is happening is that the baking is overwriting the IPO somehow so it can’t play. Should I expect this to be working? Is there anything I can do to make it work? If it doesn’t work, is there another way to easily get IPO style movement working in the game engine without using IPO actuators?

One thing that relates to this is a limitation which I don’t really understand - it seems to me that an object can only have one IPO… if not, you would need to specify exactly which IPO to use for an IPO actuator. Why can’t you have more than one IPO? It seems like it might help me here.

Thanks in advance for any comments!