Baking pipeline/workflow support needed

Hello all!

My name is Ben and I work at a game studio called Mighty Bear Games.
We use Blender Cycles in order to bake the diffuse colours, materials and the lighting to a single texture and I am looking for support with creating the baking setup, including base lighting and base materials.

One of the things we’ve been having trouble with is baking speculars, because of their nature, and we need to find a way to “fake” them within the material.
So basically, we try to bake all texture+material+lighting information into a single texture, which is in turn UV mapped on a low res mesh.

The idea is to achieve a style similar to Disney Magic Kingdom or Candy Crush Friends Saga.
Meaning, materials are “simple”, objects are always seen from a consistant camera angle, lighting in the scene is from a consistant angle, our base textures are mostly gradients.

Candy Crush Friends Saga even manages to bake in some reflections, which is really great.
Here’s an example:

Would you be interested in supporting us with our baking investigations?
We can pay per hour or we can discuss a package.

My mail is ben(at)

All the best,

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Send me a PM in regards to this work. My reel is at thanks

did this baked texture. Is this what you are looking for?

Thanks, I just sent you a PM.