Baking Question.

I’m using this Web Tutorial. Now I’ve followed it to the letter, but I can’t get past the 5:19 mark. Since I can’t do any baking. Not as in the option doesn’t come up. But because:


No active material found. All my baking attempts have that. Yet I did everything that they did in the youtube video. I have it a diffuse node. Seperated the islands with a smart uv unwrap. Threw in [yet didn’t connect the Texture image box], and I did the diffuse direct. As in the youtube video. I was then going to add an object I needed to bake above [rather than the monkey head]. But I can’t get anywhere. Even when doing the whole Makehuman Lowpoly thing, I can’t bake the high to low poly because their is no image to bake to.

Select the texture you are baking to in the UV/Image Editor window (bottom left of screenshot)
If the object has multiple materials you will also need to add the texture node to all of those materials

Thank you very much ^_^.


Now it’s saying no valid object selected.

Yet. I clicked on the node. Attached the image file to the texture node. As in the video. And the Cube is selected.

Never mind … it literally started working randomly. I just changed the bake type from Direct Diffuse [like they had in the video] to Bake Normals. Then all the other types started working perfectly. So yeah, if Bake for anyone stops working. Just switch to Bake Normal. Then you can move on to the other baking types.

Maybe because your were in edit mode.