Baking smoke issue (not working on the time line)

Hi all, and good morning :slight_smile:

I’m testing for the first time the smoke/fire simulation of blender with cycles, and everything is fine, except I can’t manage to bake the simulation (I’m working on the 2.71 version).

  • I save my scene
  • I select the domain and click on Bake
  • The baking process is working and is writing the .bphys files properly
  • But then when I move my time line, the simulation is working frame by frame instead of using the bake.

It’s driving me crazy, I tried to watch many tutorials and I don’t see what am I doing wrong :confused:

Thanks in advance for yout help !

Ammmm finally I found !

For info, I had to lunch Blender as an Administrator in order for it to work :smiley:

You shouldn’t launch Blender as an admin to be able to do that. Did you save your file before baking ? If no, then blender must be using the temp dir. I recall there was a fix because it wouldn’t use the public temp dir. Do you use the official release build or a nightly one ?