Baking smoke simulation in Blender 2.83 crashs after 50%

Hi peoples !

As said in the title, baking my smoke simulation in mantaflow makes crash my Blender, with no error message. It just shuts down. I suppose the simulation is too detailed for my computer (i do a volcano eruption at 512 resolution division on domain, 200 frames, my PC is a laptop with a GTX1050Ti, 8Go RAM, i57300HQ), but is there a way to do this bake without having to downgrade the resolution ?

512 resolution division and 200 frames is extremely difficult. Do you have enough free space on your hard drive? I can imagine that it will take quite a lot of space to save this simulation.

At first i didn’t. I got a message from windows when i baked around 47% that i had no more space. So i moved everything related to blender from C:/ to D:/, where there is now 552 Go remaining, and 36Go now on my C:/. Then i resumes my bake, and at 50% it crashes. Tried several times, it still crashes.

Try to do this on 2.82a. I’m working on explosion right now and I have had some wired problems with Mantaflow on 2.83. 2.83.1 is also broken.

Doesn’t work :confused: The 2.82 mantaflow wasn’t working for me, it baked but never shown the result. I tries it anyways, baking in 2.82 and see the result in 2.83. Nothing appears. Baking still takes lot of time, but the result does not display

You can’t see it in render or just in viewport? I sometime can’t see me simulations in viewport without baking the “Noise”. Do you use “Dissolve” option in Smoke Domain settings? Currently I have some problems with disappearing smoke because of that option.
I suggest you to delete your domain object, select your smoke emitter and use “quick smoke” option to create domain again. Later just use the same parameter as in your old domain. I don’t know why, but in 2.83 I sometimes couldn’t see a simulation when I created domain other way.

Neither viewport nor render. Actually the only way i have to view in viewport (in 2.82) is by choosing “Replay” in the domain cache options. But it does not render anything. I don’t use Dissolve. I tried your last solution but does not work either…

Could it be my PC not being powerful enough ?

It can be not enough RAM. I’m sure that Blender is using your hard drive during this simulation (you can check this using Windows task manager) and probably it is still not enough and operating system is killing Blender or it crashes by itself. It is quite popular (at least it used to be) that Blender crashed during rendering because of not enough RAM memory. I’m only guessing since I think Mantaflow is still buggy so maybe it’s not your or your machine fault. Maybe try to decrease resolution division to something like 256 or 128 to be sure that it can fit in your RAM.

I decreased to 256, it works. Must be the RAM then. Well, i ordered a more powerfull PC already with 32GB Ram, it should be enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your answers !

No problem :wink: I’m glad you’ve found the solution. Simulations can by really hard for our poor, little computers :stuck_out_tongue: