baking,some parts looking like it aint done(pic)

When im baking a texture on my model one of the parts are ending up looking like it has stopped rendering that part. (looks like triangles)

Anyone know know i fix can fix this?



Go into edit mode and the select all the faces and then re-assign the model to the UV map.
Also you could try re-calculating the normals so that they are all pointing outside (Ctrl+N)

If they dont work you could post the .blend and i will take a closer look :slight_smile:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

It did not work so here you have the file :confused:


error.blend (376 KB)

hmm…its a strange problem for sure :S

I got the bake to come out clean but i had to convert the mesh to tri’s first.

Maybe its a bug?

Works for me. I recalculated the UV, and baked the AO.


error.blend (329 KB)

yea, but what i mean is that it should work with the current UV’s and quads.
Changing the mesh to Tri’s shouldn’t make a difference really.

Its because the current UV has faces over each other, which messes up the calculation.

I understand that the UV layout is far from perfect but why would converting to tri’s fix the rendering issues?
The overlapping UV’s are still overlapping no matter if they are quads or tri’s.
Thats what im trying to figure out :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm…so i can´t have overlapping uv when im baking ao for an object?

Edit: About triangulation…
Counting from left to right (attached file)
object 1: original
object 2: triangulated (looking OK)
object 3: detriangulated
object 4: retriangulated ( in practice should look OK, but it is not)
Both ob 2 and 4 has the same amount of verts,edges and have recalculated normals.


error[1].blend (636 KB)

Overlapping UV’s will always cause some sort of problem when baking anything.
Blender’s UV tools, while not perfect, are very good and i would recommend learning about them as much as you can.
You can have overlapping UV’s and it is common for games to use this method but before baking you have to remember to move the overlapping parts off the UV grid before you bake them (and move them back after the bake is done).

Take a look where i put the seams on your model and that should give you an idea of what to do.
The unwrap took maybe 2 mins :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!


error_new_UV.blend (323 KB)