Baking sound to an FCurve

Hey guys!
I just finished the work on my new website.
It also includes one first text tutorial!

I’m going to write more tutorials in the next few days, so if you want me to write a tutorial about something, just tell me :wink:

Cool, your first tutorial was just something i was wondering about!
God luck with your new site.

Danke!!! Vie alt bist du?

@Evil Moon MOose
16. I’m using Blender since 2.45.
I still think of a topic for my first “big” tutorial series - maybe a BGE tut (?)
Also nice to see that you can write in german ;))

I think he was writing German to point out there are still parts of your website written in German.

I know, that’s because I’m using the german version of Wordpress.
I will solve this ‘problem’ later I guess :wink:

lol i wrote in german for both reassons, to show I can,and that i understand, but also that you should make a n english version of your website too ;D

Also, im 19 and ive been using blender gfor about 6-9 months ;D, and i used to live in germany :smiley: Wo Wohnst du?

also, for a tutorial, yeah try the BGE, I want to know how to make GLSL textures look very realistic (like the bathroom demo) in the game engine ;D…tut for that?

also da du ja behapuptest deutsch zu konnen muss ich leider sagen, dass ich es bedauere da dein deutch nicht so gut its, jedoch besser als die leute in meiner AP deutsch klasse. DIe website gefallt mir ganz okay, aber die ladezeit war irgendwie 5 jahre. alles gute

Wow so cool

Dann möchte ich hier mal als Webdesigner gleich einwerfen, dass das ein Standarttemplate für Wordpress ist. :wink:


are you in one of those highschool classes where the German teacher cannot speak it right
but they still sell it to you as an AP level?

Your text is filled with spelling errors left and right.

Here is the text corrected.

Also, da Du ja behauptest Deutsch zu koennen, muss ich leider sagen, dass ich es bedaure, da Dein Deutch nicht so gut ist, jedoch besser als das der Leute, die in meiner AP Deutsch Klasse sind. Die Website gefaellt mir ganz gut, aber die Ladezeit war irgendwie 5 Jahre lang. Alles Gute.

German-lessons on :wink:
Due to the fact that the site isn’t working properly, I’m going to do the groundwork again I guess.
I hope I get it to work the way I want it to work in the next few weeks or months or so.
I let you know if there’s something new going on (next time with at least a real tutorial).
Thanks for your patience :wink:
I’ll be back…

Danke Herr Klugscheisser, :slight_smile:
Ich bin Deustch und habe dort 10 Jahre gelebt und gerade vor zwei Jahren bin ich erst hier hin gezogen. Ich beachte gross und klein Schreibung nicht, weil sie macht keinen Unterscheid was dem Inhalt angeht.

Wow this is sweet. I’d like to see a finished animation render of this though since I haven’t tried it yet.

Is there anyway to process this information in real time or with live music of any way? Not sure if that’s plausible.

Jeremy Deighan

Gunter glieben glauchen globen!

Hey I speak German too! :smiley:


I don’t really get you question :wink:
This is approximately how it works:
You modify a curve by loading a music file into blender.
(the waveform of the music changes the curve amplitude)
So I guess it’s not really in “realtime” :wink:
At least this feature isn’t compatible to live-music by now.

Btw. VERY strange german :slight_smile:

Very cool! I wasn’t sure if there was a way to make an animation like that and have it going to the music with a live band playing.

The “German” is just some beginning to a 311 song I believe. Not even sure what it means. lol.


Das tut ist sehr toll! Ich bin nicht Deutsch aber ich bin in Deutsch 2 in Schule. Meine Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut :slight_smile:
Anyways this will be very useful in the future, thanks! or danke!

Can’t enter website :frowning:

@Julian Ray
Sorry for the (very late) reply.
The site is indeed down for a little makeover, also it won’t run wordpress anymore (didn’t really work out for me).
It will still take some time I’m afraid…
Again, I’m very sorry it takes so long to get this site even really started, I’m just too busy writing exams right now.
I’m just dropping by to tell everyone that the “project” is NOT abandoned yet.

If you want (and it would be nice if you did), leave some comments on what topics you guys want to be covered in a tutorial!
Thanks for your patience.