Baking sound to F-Curve is not working


when trying to bake sound to F-Curve it creates nothing, and the value I get is “-nan(ind) m” , using a simple OGG file… It wont work with any audio, in fact. Also this is when even trying to use a new project. Blender 3.3.1 LTS

In case anyone else has this issue:
It looks like a compression problem. In my case any generated Audacity audio as OGG or WAV (16bit) would result in " -nan(ind) m "
However, if I convert into MP3 and load it, it works.

Not sure why that is.

from my own experience trying to import a WAV file, I fixed the problem by changing the highest frequency value to something near the highest frequency in the audio file (which can be found by looking at a spectrogram in a program like Audacity)