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Okay, so I have this “problem” I think, I am on a computer running windows xp 32bit. and I’ve heard that there is a max memory given on the ram to any program running and I think for me it is around 500mb-1gb, I got 4gb ram and I got “stuff” running in the background eating up about 300mb total so I got about 3700mb free. but right, I cant use all that to make my fluid resulations look super duper mega awesome because there is a max memory thingy per program. So my question after all this info given is, is there any way to let the OS I’m running allow more MB given per program so I can make higher pro resolutions on all my baking effects on blender? (250 resolution is nice when it’s small, but when I want a whole waterfall and a little bit more of a sea etc on a kinda big world then 250 aint high enough :confused: need something like 400-500 :< )

thanks in advance!

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>_> no answer :<


you need a build of blender that is “large address aware” I believe… (I’m a linux user, so don’t get this problem)

there are guides on how to build this yourself (I believe mpan did one) and you should be able to get builds with this enabled on