Baking target texture?


I’ve been trying to figure out how the target image / texture for baking is choosen for a while now (using Blender 2.5)… It looks like the last texture which has been “enabled” (through the checkboxes on the textures tab) is choosen - is this “correct”? (If it is, that sounds more like a bug, because this also applies if there is no enabled texture or multiple enabled textures - baking does something in both cases)…

Furthermore, is there a way to get it to bake to the “correct” texture, i.e. to bake a normal map to the texture influencing normals, etc.?

Somehow I now messed up my blend file - it now always bakes to one specific image, no matter what I do (including removing all links to the datablock)… in a new project it always bakes to the image selected in the UV editor… Sigh. Time to sleep I suppose.

this is not true.
You should check for sample blend-files in this forum-subpart
about uv-bake. (i already posted a simple setup with multiple uv-unwrapps)

You only think the last selected texture with image in the material is used,
because this was the last one you did setup. For the setup you have to activate
the uv-unwrapp to image selection and the last one stays active.

If you generate multiple uv-unwrapps, you can select in the mesh-menu
of your object which one should be active and which one should be used
for rendering. (my sample-blend had two uv-unwrappings in the list, one
named as “bakeme” to make clear what uv-unwrap-image-combination
should be used if proper activated.