Baking texture from high to low poly problems

Hey guys. So basically I run into problems with baking from high to low poly. Long story short: I have 3D scans that I fixed, then using RetopoFlow add-on I created another low poly object. I didn’t move characters, leaving both low and high poly objects on top of each other for baking. As it is mentioned in the following tutorial I unwrapped the low poly object and baked the texture according to instructions.

However, the result is far even from mediocre. What could be my mistake?

There is this (weird) thing whiel baking and the last selected image… and you have to have an image in you shader… and select he correct one last… did i said it’s weird :crazy_face: … have to look it up in my notes almost every time (and you do not have any error messages? dependency error…)

Yes, I follow it exactly.

In the shader, I create an empty image, which I leave disconnected from the node.

Then I unwrap UV of the low poly object (UV unwrapping is not matching, but it was said doesn’t matter how it is unwrapped).

Then I select the main scan first, following that I select the low poly model. Feature “Selected to active” is on.

No errors at all. So it is really strange.

? what ? but you have a node setup UV – texture – shader for you low poly ?

Yes, I have unwrapped UV low poly, I have a node set up. I have it all. Just as in the tutorial.

Okay, weird. IDK. :frowning:

this is my strange baking result

Oh this image on the left…i’m in a horror story :raised_hand: stop it now i’m getting scary :wink:

Hard to say without looking at the file, but those weird stretches on the bake make me think of unwrapping gone wrong Oo

I can attach a file as well, but agree UV went nuts there. this add-on can help

thank you! will check this out!

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