Baking texture through an alpha texture

Can you point me in the right direction?
I am trying to bake a texture with an area lamp shining through a Tudor style window (alpha texture)…is this possible? …trying to get the diamond texture of the glass baked onto the floor.

Pic attached…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Romsey_Homewood,

In case you still need an answer . . . it’s Yes :slight_smile:

You’ll need to use the Transparent BSDF shader for the window alpha ( I used an invert as my random map had the alpha the otherway round for ‘stained-glass’ ).


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Hi DamianJ
Many thanks for the informative reply just one thing, how did you generate this node…

…Also your node set up is applied to the window itself?

I am very new to nodes so having a bit of trouble.

Many thanks in advance


Thanks for all your help, hope this helps others too : smiley:

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The node you asked about is just an image map that I quickly made in Photoshop, a 32bit with an Alpha channel. This is just a stand-in for what I assumed you were using for the diamond pattern of your window.

Here’s the Blender file if that helps:
AlphaTest.blend (660.9 KB)

I’ve packed all the textures ( the window one you asked about and the baked floor ) into this Blend file so they should work immediately.

As baking only works in Cycles so you’ll need to switch the viewport/renderer to that.


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That’s awesome tysvm!
All good now.

Have a great day. :hugs: