Baking TextureCoordinate: Generated UVs


Is it possible to bake textures using the TextureCoordinate: Generated?

I’m trying to bake it into a sub-divided Icosphere but, whilst it works great inside Blender, I’m having some trouble when importing it into other programs as they don’t support sphere projection - It assumes the UVs instead of the Generated image.

I’ve also read it would be easier creating a Cube and then transforming it into an Icosphere, but I don’t know the correct way of doing it, the textures appear all in the wrong places when using its own UVs as the mapping instead of the Generated option, which looks seamless.

Appreciate your help, thank you.

Baking textures always means: to UV. So you must look into UVunwrap (sphere projection) and learn something about baking.
A cube can’t be transformed to a icosphere (different mathematical object). You can make a cube subdivide and even project to sphere (there was an addon ? More Objects? which already gives you rounder meshes).
Sorry, some work to do :wink: