Baking Textures as Image Sequence?

How do I bake image sequence in blender version 2.8 and higher?

I have been following this tutorial?

So you wann have an image sequence projeted onto any geometry and then bake it. So you don\t wann use it in blender but in an game engine? Because in blender i would use project UV modifier to project it on the new geo. If you really wanna use a movie to bake a new UV-texure sequence… i could image to just bake a pure red/green UV texture to get the new positions and then transform the movie with a UV-distiortion node in the composer to a tranformed version which can be used directly as UVmapped texure sequence,

Thanks for your response!

I got it working in an older blender 2.77 version with this script

Script dosent work with 2.8 and higer.

Is there any addon for this that would work with new blender versions?

This seems to be an updated version

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Updated version works fine now.