Baking textures

Hi, I was wondering is someone could tell me how to bake the texture of an entire scene. Every time I tried doing so, nothing would happen to the default black texture. i really need this for the secret game I’m making.

if your game is so secret why would you mention it?:stuck_out_tongue:
Trying to get us excited i see?..:rolleyes:

You have to unwrap the objects first, also, I think you might need to do one object at a time (not sure on this, try simply selecting them all, but if that doesn’t work do one at a time)

do you mean bake all the textures on all the objects at once… surely not!..
good thread here

Yes, that is a fantastic thread for it! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s rather unfortunate that it’s such a complicated process to bake each texture and object though, hopefully some future versions will be able to do it all with a click of a button! :smiley:

nevermind it at the link above already.