Baking to a texture doesn't match viewport, and other things

Hi there,

I’me working on a new workflow with Blender, where I want to bake multiple information to textures for use in Unreal Engine. AO works well, normal mapping works well, I’m now trying to bake edges. Here is my node setup…

This works great in the viewport but renders super dark in the baking.

I’ve noticed that multipliying the ColorRamp output by large values does make the result look like I wanted, but trashes the viewport instead.

Is there some assumption I don’t know about, like baking wants 0-255 values instead of 0-1 ?

A secondary questions, unless I should start a new thread, is whether I can write multiple independent color channels with this method. I’d love to have one channel for AO, and one channel for edges, for example. Is this possible ?

Thanks a lot !

Anyone ? :frowning:

Help ? It’s not a big thing but I’d love to fix this.

Well, I got it fixed with help from the Blender Discord. Using “emissive” instead of “diffuse” worked.