Baking & UV in games

This is something I have been dying to know:

How do I bake things onto an object for games? I mean, I’ve taken several tutorials, but the meshes always end up as white. Just Pure white. Then, the only thing that works is ambient occlusion. This is fine, but I want to bake color AND ambient occlusion and shading and stuff! Please help! This would make the graphical part of my games MUCH better.

Also, I know how to unwrap things and texture them. I’ve done it umpteen times. The problem is that I don’t know WHERE to put the seams. I know how to export it and draw on it and all, I just don’t know how to, say, unwrap a humanoid so that his pants look like pants when I unwrap them and not some crazy polygon thing.

These things have troubled me for a while and I would love to know the answer.

Thanks- YA

For UV unwrapping
Remember real clothing has seams, maybe a hint of where you could place your uv seams ?

Alright! How about the baking? I heard it was used in many new game models.

you ll need to create a high poly character than decrease its poly count then put them togheter and first select the high poly than the low poly go to the scene tab, than to bake and than bake the ambient oclusion.
If you use the GLSL mode you just have to open the texture of your general material for that object and on the map to you ll just need to change the mix to overlay.
If you dont use GLSL you can bake the ao, then open the difuse texture and the ao texture on gimp or photoshop and just use the ao texture as an overlay image, prety easy

Thanks, guys! I never thought about combining the two in photoshop! Thanks!