baking vertex paint gives bad results

blend file:
vertex_paint_bake.blend (672 KB)

bad bake result:

i have a model vertex painted and now i want to bake the paint to an image. i have done this before with no problem, but this time when i bake, i get lines that make the final image unusable. the attached picture is the result i get. Just open the attached blend file and click bake.

Another question that is not as important to me:
when i open the blend file and click bake, i get a different result then if i create a new image and bake to that instead. The bake seems darker if i don’t create a new image first. Why?

Thanks for any help!

Try baking with the base material set to shadeless.


that did now work. it just gave me a blank image. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

try turning off traceable and shadows, and maybe move the lamp to another layer. i’m just guessing here of course. no idea what is actually wrong with the file. I checked for doubles, none of those.

Also uncheck “face textures”… sorry, forgot that.

see file


vertex_paint_bake_ok.blend (690 KB)

ah ha! Yep, i just had to uncheck face textures. Thank you.