[Baking] Weird Results in the process

Hello There,

I’ve some problems related to baking Normal Maps, I’ve follow every tutorial related with this subject with I can find, but none of then helped me solving this problem. When I bake the Normals, there is a lot of noise and doesn’t looks good at all.


HighPoly Image, with all modifiers and shade smooth applied.


Low Poly Object With the Material Created, and smooth shaders applied…


The baked normal, I just set this here to see if everything is ok, but as you can see I have some aberrations here and I cannot find a way to solve it.

The Uvs are are atomatically generated because I’m going to use Substance Painter to create the textures (I’ve been followed a tutorial to do that ).

So What I’m doing wrong? Why can the High Poly Details can be applied in the low poly nicely?

Hope you Guys can Help me,

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The shading on the low poly object needs to be controlled so that the shading is cut on high angle edges, and the UV seams should be on those also. It’s better to use a cage for baking rather than ray distance.

Thanks for the replying, but How can I controll the shadding?

Here is the .Blendhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1rjqcVdw5aPvMSiMeTou_NQ-Bk1ppW6dp

Multiple ways. Most common way is to enable smooth shading for the whole object, then enable auto smooth in object data properties which allows to cut shading on edges above the set angle, and on edges marked as sharp.