Yes, as you can tell, ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t choose my name because of my skill at baking. Baking anything, as a matter of fact. Sandwiches are more my style.

So, my problem is this. I have a game engine that I’d like to use. It supports blocks and models in levels, but the lighting on blocks doesn’t look fantastic, and models have pretty much no lighting. I want to create levels from models, though - looks less blocky (excuse the pun…). The problem there is the lighting will look crappy.
So what I thought I’d do is model the whole thing, and bake the lighting into the models. How can I do this in Blender? I’m assuming there is a way, of course :o

This is probably what is called lightmapping. I havn’t heard of a script that does this yet but there is a script, raybaker, which is intended to do the same things. Beware it may crash blender. I imagine the filesize of the resulting textures will be big. There are topics about it (raybaker) the python forum, sorry I don’t have urls.

I’ll have a look for it.

Also, I forgot to ask: Is there a way to bake materials to a UV?

The raybaker will bake it to a texture(an image) probably materials and all. First you would unwrap and set the uv coords, then bake, and then use the image as the texture. I don’t know if that’s what you meant by “to uv”.

Yeah, that’s what I meant - get Blender to create the UV map image for me… :wink:
I’ll havve to look up this raybaker…