Hello everyone, I know this is a topic that has more than likely already been talked about, however I couldn’t find it. I’m still getting used to Blender Artists way of navigating around the site.

However, the problem I am having is a work related issue, so if it is possible to get some feedback as soon as possible, I would be very grateful.

It seems to be very simple, yet I have followed both video and written tutorials over and over again, on how to properly bake textures in Blender 2.69. Yet every time I try following tutorials, it doesnt come out right after I bake the textures.

If anyone would like to see what I am doing, I have packed a dummy file I can send.

Thanks in advance.

I have packed a dummy file I can send.
So attach or post a link to it. You can upload to
What type of texture are you trying to bake ? What tutorials ? Are you really following the tutorials or just think you are. If its a video tutorials, actually watch and listen to what the instructor is doing. When most people come here saying they have watched tutorials and it doesn’t work, this is what they haven’t been doing.

Also, please use the support forums. Moved from Blender Discussion to Support / Materials & Textures

Hello Richard,

Here’s the blend

I have watched a number of texture/baking tutorials on youtube, as well as followed instructions on a flight simulator website, and followed those instructions multiple times to try and make it work properly. I have never had a need to bake anything until now. And since I have more experience with creating 3d content than my co-workers, my supervisor gave me this last minute project.

As far as the texture goes, this blend file is just a dummy cube with a basic flat texture I made so we could test and see if we can properly import actual models into the flight simulation software. And I have been paying attention and re-watched the video tutorials a few times. So either I have a corrupt copy of blender, the instructions for exporting models to the simulation software are wrong/outdated, or I’ve been starring at my computer for far too long…

My apologies, I’m still getting used to the site.

i still dont know what you actual want to bake? the cube is unwrapped and you can see the numbers 1-6.
You have 2 UV Maps (UVMap & testCube), but they have both the same layout.

so do you want to bake the diffuse color from one UV Map to another?
Or do you want to bake the cube diffuse color to another object?