Balance [.blend file on page 2]

My last post in “Finished Projects” is quite a while ago. But now I have something new to present. I made this today for the Weekend Challenge.

very nice indeed usagi. Lots of attention to detail. textures look great to me. good luck in w/c

looks really nice but focal blur would be better!

Carries a bit of wow factor there :slight_smile: I like it.

your sand is good.

the water looks awesome and the send even better. wow I now noitced toy made the wet sand reflect the stone! wich brings to the “but”: the stones could be better in terms of material - I really like the ne musgrave texture - if you set it wite it’s rather noisy and makes an excellent stone texture. overall very good pic! amkes wanna blend.

btw how did made the smooth tarnsoformation from a dry snad to a wet and?

:slight_smile: nice…
here’s what I did for WC … last year… sometime… hmmm…


I want you to write a tutorial about that image. How you did the water, the sand, how to model rocks… very cool

GCat: Thank you.

Prince: I don’t like focal blur in landscapes. I also do landscape photography and I always try to get the maximum depth of field i.e. minimum blurring because I’m interested in catching every single detail of the landscape. However, focal blur is very useful for portraits and photography of objects to emphasize the center of interest by blurring the background.

BlackMage: Thanks, the sand required lots of test renderings until I got it right.

@ner: Thank you for the detailed appreciation. I’ll try the musgrave texture the next time I make stones. Thank you for that hint. The transition from dry to wet sand is a simple blend texture.

basse: So, we had the same idea. :smiley: But my inspiration wasn’t your image which I didn’t even know. I was inspired by the photos on this webpage.

PlantPerson: I’ll post some info about the material settings etc. as soon as I have time.

It’s nearly photorealistic… excellent job zipped in a WC!

I like it very much, and I agree completely with you and your explanation: NO BLUR!


Sweetness. That really is good.

Though, it’s not impossible, but we’ll just keep that to ourselves.

Your sand is really cool, good shapes en that blending into the water…Someting I always forgot… :wink:
well done

My, my. Quite nice. I agree that focal blur would be nice.

Focal blur has become much like raytraced reflections (sphere on a checkered plane): Overused ‘whizbang’ used mainly by noobs who dont really know how to use their tool and would much rather use all the neat bells and whistles.

Yeah, i love focal blur and reflections and think they are wonderful features to use. But much like flashy transistions in video editing packages, they are very overused.

So to sum up, good call on the no focal blur.

Very nice piece, very realistic. Sand looks spot on.


nice- i really like the island in the background

Usagi, can you please be so kind as to give us the sand material/texture
settings, please :slight_smile:

That looks like terragen

better late than never.

heh… yea yea… didn’t mean it like that at all… just fun coincidence.

the photos on that page are GREAT! I love things like that. one winter I built upsidedown snowmen here and there around the city… kind of in strange places, you know… on the stairs of church, on the docs, on benches, middle of this round street-crossing… etc :slight_smile:

enviroment art… or what you call it. great stuff!



Since this post was bumped up :smiley: , I thought I would take this opportunity to ask if you had any time to post the material settings yet for the sand? I would really appreciate it, also.

Very nice image. I really like the sand especially :slight_smile: