Balance problem

I’m makeing a game with a vehicle but i cant seem to get the vehicle balanced. I mean when it goes up or down a sloap it doesn’t pivit.
(if you didn’t understand what i just said then this pic will help)
I want the front and back wheels to be on the ground at all times.

Maybe you could base your physics system off the one that erwin is building for bullet. Its in a sticky in this forum.

In the logic panel click Rigid Body this should do the trick!!!

wow :o
thanks [!]
it works :smiley:

I don’t recommend using Rigid Body for vehicles, as they can easily flip over. Try this instead:

  1. Go into the DYN settings for the ground material. Set a FhForce setting.
  2. Don’t make the car a rigidbody, but instead click on the RotFh button.
  3. Tweak values until you get the effect you want.

You may need to change the boundings for the object.

Toomai - would you mind explaining this a bit more or perhaps a sample blend? Are you using Bullet physics or Sumo? Are you using 2.41 or ?

The reason I ask is because I’m trying this with both Sumo and Bullet in 2.41 and it doesn’t seem to make much difference, the object still does not rotate to the ground’s surface. I must be doing something wrong…