Balance Radio - a relaxing music channel made with Blender

Hi everybody,

We’re proud to announce that our new YouTube channel Balance Radio is now live!

The channel delivers relaxing music for working, studying, meditation or any other kind of situation where you need to calm down and relax.

The channel logo is designed in Blender, and the video editing was fully done in Blender as well.

If you enjoy our music, feel free to subscribe to Balance Radio channel.

Thanks for listening!

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As said an old guy. No music when you are animating.

Really nice stuff! The music has just enough movement to be inspiring without being distracting and the super widescreen visuals are very pleasing! I definitely think you should post your favorite vids all over the relevant subreddits:

As well as hashtag the heck out of it:

#studymusic #calmmusic #meditation #meditationmusic #ambience