Balancing a gomboc

Working on a gomboc. A recent video is on Youtube as “colorized gomboc”. Want to see if it actually would balance, but no clue where to find appropriate python starting scripts or tools. I want to position the gomboc on or above a plane in an arbitrary position, let a script calc its movements until it settles down, and then play the result as an animation. I know the CoG, but it’s not clear how I tell Blender where the CoG is, or what Blender will do with that. As is, it falls from its starting position, hits the plane, and stops. The contours are critical, reasonably high poly, and any script would have to calc exactly what vertices are in contact as it moves.

Have you looked into using blender’s rigid-body system for movement? The CoG for a rigid-body is at the objects origin.

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t see why my object thumped down onto the plane and didn’t move, and now I realize it was because I built it from [0,0,0] up, and the object origin was already as far down as it was going. I moved the origin to the center of mass, and Blender appears to have it reasonably close. It wobbles in a very satisfactory manner. I’ll try dumping the object data and see if I can find how close Blender’s result is to mine.