Balcony on the Sea

Balcony on the Sea

Well my latest work. about 3hours modeling friday night and 2hours plant and material/ lighting work tonigh.

I have to fix the lamp materials and model a bit. The boards on the top have to be tweaked also as the ridges are too deep and I have to raise the whole level a bit.
I’m also looking on how to improve the materials though.

Thanks for taking a look

wow, looks good. The picture behind it… looks… sort of glued on… not that I could do any better, just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a great start for sure, but you need to improve the realism a little to tie it in better to the background.

the fence is a little to bright for the background.

are you using a plane with a texture to the background? then you can use it as a world texture, if you know what i mean :stuck_out_tongue:

then you can use sky texture in the ao meny then it should be much more realistic.

btw good job! :slight_smile:

-The sunlight might work better if it was slightly yellow. A little bit will work.
-The bench looks like paper.
-The floor texture is weird. Try turning down the OSA rate on the texture, by going to were you load textures, and turning down the, “Filter” to 0.100.
-You also need to work on the floor material, but you probibly already know that.
-More complex modelling will make the AO look better.
-The background image is grainy and the foreground isn’t.

Now those are the critits, here are the praises:

The poll farthest back has a really nice AO shadow at the top.
Nice shadows, all around.
The sea in the pic is alined nicely with the foreground.
Nice bushes.

Thanks a lot for the replies guys

Bleedforme>>Thanks! and Yeah, the background is glued on in a way.

[email protected]>> Good point. I need to the whole thing to fit the background picture better

kodram>> Yeah it’s a background picture. I’ll try using adding a sky/world texture and see the results. I might try to sharpen the bg texture a bit too

henrymop>>Thanks a bunch for all the detailed crits. I’ll change the lighting a bit to a more natural sunligh. Fix up the bench, the floor and so on a bit.
Though what do you mean by “more complex” modeling. I don’t see how I can make some things more complex, the poles for example.

the bushes is very weird, try to remodel them :slight_smile:

and if you take away the lamp i think it will be much nicer

thats all i had to say.

I’m not sure what I ment by more complex modelling, actually.

yeah, nice start :slight_smile:

but as already mentioned, I would really improve your background, it makes the picture look as it was taken within a photo studio (in a very cheap one^^)

but I like the other things :slight_smile:

I think henrymop was responding to the lack of weathering in the textures of the woodwork on the columns, the rails, the eaves and the bench. As an example, look at the floor, the plant and the background, try to ignore the woodwork. Looks pretty good. The weathered floor texture makes a good match with the plant and the background. The woodwork, while excellently modeled, looks like it just got a primer coat and the painters will be back any second to finish the job. In short, the porch needs to show some effects of the weather. The bench should be a different color, even if it’s just a different variety of white. Ditto the eaves, the gutter, and the foundation. Also, the bench appears to be wood slats on a steel frame. Even if the whole thing is painted (and it should be, exposed as it is to sea air) reflections off painted metal are different than reflections off painted wood.
This is going to be a really great piece when you’re finished!

Kodram>> They are Arbaro generated bushes. I’ll try fixing them a bit.

Henrymop>> LoL. Don’t worry. You’re not the only one saying things and then not remembering why you said them

MichaelR>> I’m working on the background, defenitely

Orinoco>> Weathering. Good point. It’s in the subtle variations and spec and so on the last touch in materials will come out.

Thanks to all of you who took a look. I’ll post an update soon
Blending time

I worked a lot on the material and lighting to try and improve it. It’s better but not perfect though. I havnt changed the background yet though

too dark! light it up and fix the background, make the armrest to the bench fater and it looks like the floor is reflecting if it is, turn it of

thats it i cant see anymore you need to fix :slight_smile:

You might want to pick up some of the blue sky color from the background photo and add it to the spec for the materials.

I think the woodwork looked better before. It might have been a little too shiny, but the white was better than gray.

A little randomized NOR map might helpt it look less perfect.

Other than that, this looks very nice, though I would get rid of the lantern and add a window to the wall behind the bench.