BaleMover product presentation

Well it was kind-of a rush job, it had to be made fast as i had a strict deadline.
Because of deadlines, it was rendered at renderstreet, where 50 servers rendered in only just above 2 hours :eek:.

The model is fully rigged, the lightbleu conveyerbelt is a mesh tanktrack rig, able to tilt and move.
It was made in under 40 hours, total creation time 1 work week.

What i like about it,
Its 100% blender (no other software was used).
Its the whole story of this machine, what it can do is told within the video, without narrative.
It was also my first experience width renderstreet, they’re a great solution for cloud rendering.
I like the Blender realism (some parts of the machine had deliberately stay vague (the gripper) because of patents.
While other parts could stay more simple/symbolic the trucks.
Most amazing part… its shown next week in a big expo event about transport, in Utrecht Netherlands
Its a product teaser for a industrial company.
On a side note, its pretty close concept, of how this machine is going to look like.
My drawing was based upon pictures of some of their other machines.

The only part i rather would have done differently was the concrete floor, a next time i’ll use procedural concrete.
And some timings i would have adjusted slightly as well, but because of the deadline this was the best i could do.
Well as Bob Ross would say, happy blending.

it does the job pretty well. there is one thing, you shall have an eye on at future projects: the cameramovement is too edgy. use more keyframes to make it less mechanical.

I tend to use less key frames, but rather create curves on the graph editor for camera x,y,z movement (i, loc position).
And a target empty, as to control camera direction, which moves around in a similar way.

I think the to edgy comes from the limited time its only 1:50, and within that time to have 3 camera switches.

1- intro to the movie moving from distance to subject, and turn around to see details (fabricator name)
2 - view of how the machine sees the container
3 - sideview

Which might be a bit fast in just 1:50 minute.
I think the short movie could be longer, but on the other side the story is told fast which might be good as well.
If one walks by this expo it takes less then 2 minutes to be aware what it does.

But I keep your advice for a next time.
Fun how it all comes together width blender
Making a concept visualization, making mesh, animate it, Light it out, direct a small movie out of it.

good work, I can understand about the time, the video show how the machine works i guess that is the important point.