Ball game

Hi Everybody,
I’ve just started work on a ball game where there is a ball and i its a maze where you tilt the board to navigate the ball. (not sure what the game is called) I have a few questions:
UV Mapping: I’ve imported the image so when i click the face button it shows what i imported but i can’t figure out how to apply it to the object.
Board Tilt: in the last box in the logic tab in the buttons menu is there a place to put a value in for tilt and is there a way i can only allow the board to tilt so far so you can’t flip the board over etc.?

Also, if you know of a site/tutorial that just goes over all the buttons and stuff for games thatr would be helpful.


Heres a nice tutorial on the game engine and UV mapping :smiley:

To UV map your mesh:

  • Make sure your mesh is selected and press ‘F’ to enter Face Edit Mode
  • Select the faces you wish to UV map (press ‘A’ for all as usual)
  • Press ‘U’ and make your selection from the menu that pops up
  • The faces you selected should show up as purple/blue ‘shadows’ in the UV window. If the texture you want to use is not there select it from the drop down menu at the arrow.
  • Manipulate the vertices of the UV coordinates in the window to fit the texture

Very easy when you get the hang of it :smiley: .

An old tutorial from the NaN days (and blender 1.8!) is here.
A piece on UV mapping thats part of a larger tutorial is here.

Board Tilt
A limited tilt could probally best be done using a property ipo or some other use of a property.

Check here for links to tutorial pages.

A tutorial to make a game very near yours here.

EDIT:Ahh, I took so long writing this that facemania has beaten me to it. Oh well, one of my links is to a specific part of that tutorial.

1.Select OB
2.key -F- texture
4.key -U- parrent polygons (cube,cylinder,sphere)

I’ll be doing a tutorial for the Mapping but is there a way to take faces and un-subdivide them?

Also, why when i put it in game mode do the colors get all messed up? (ie. board turns bright white)