Ball Joint with gravity

Hi guys; I’d really appreciate some help here…it’s for a physics lab report. So I have a rod with a pivot joint at the top (namely the rigid body joint constraint) and a moving object that hits it. However, once the moving object hits it, and sets it into motion, gravity doesn’t seem to affects its motion at all. It’ll sometimes run out of momentum when it’s pointing sideways or upwards or something weird. How do I get it to be affected by gravity, and always come to a rest hanging straight down? Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

…No one?

lets see your .blend :smiley:

Here you go :slight_smile:

your objects fulcrum was equally weighted (it does not calculate center of gravity using the mesh)

so it was acting as if it was a ball,


physics experiment(Edit).blend (470 KB)

Thank you so very much! You’re a life saver!! :smiley:

No problem :smiley:

@BluePrintRandom, I never though, I will ever say that, but: … well explained :yes: