Ball movement with camera's viewpoint HELP!

I’m making a tribute game for Metroid Prime, but how do I make that the morph ball rotates to a direction, but from the camera’s point of view instead of the global thing?

Sorry for bumping but i really need this

I am not an expert, but from my limited knowledge, the actuators have only two choices of axis:

     1) The world axis   


    2) The moving objects local axis

If that is the case, the only way to really do this is with a Python script that maps the directions from the cameras local axis to the world axis used by the objects actuators. Not as difficult as it may sound, the basics can be done with school maths. (Though if you choose to go into it in any depth, you will be keeping company with Galileo Newton and Einstein.)

Try finding a school book that introduces the idea of a “Galilean Transformation” if you find the correct book or (web page,) the formulas are really basic.

Just gave it a little bit more thought, and without really knowing the game you refer to, you might be able to parent the ball to the camera then guide the ball using the cameras local axis actuators?

^ It doesn’t need to be that complicated.
Here’s some examples I made:

I like that, like a lot of things once a creative genius figures it out it is surprisingly simple. Though it makes me feel less stupid to notice that before your burst of genious, you to opted for the advanced maths class.

You definitely deserve a round of applause for that one.