Ball Of Power

This is a film i made intergrating blender with film.
at first it was really hard to do cause i didnt know how to import a video in blender but i found how to do it, so it really feels good to finally have finished a project
and i hope to make many more:ba:

i hope you like it :smiley:


PS: it was really easy to do, all i did was make a sphere and split it into…ill just make a tutorial:rolleyes:

That is pretty cool! Video quality could be better…but that can be improved!

For a first film, 10 stars!

little more light for the camera shot and it will be great.

My camera really stinks cause the pixels are really bad and the focus lens is broken, and its sometime film in black and white,and the flip out video screen is broken, so its really good quality for that camera, but I’m gonna get a better one:D