Ball pen on table

I am not that talented as some of the excellent artists here, and I am still learning more about Blender. But I really love luxrender and the ease with which it can render realistic looking scenes.

Here’s one I attempted yesterday and today. I’d like to know how I can improve the scene, or what other objects I can add to the scene.

my thoughts are you need more samples its quite grainy
the “paper” is incredibly thick to have curves like that and the cup looks unstable

think some writing on the paper would improve it immensely … “dear loved one” so we know its a love letter or "print “hello world” lol " then we know its a student learning programing
hope that helps
ps are plug sockets like that ?? where are you ?? whats the other 2 holes for ? sorry but I NEVER seen a socket like that (that’s just my personal Q lol )

I am not happy with the paper. I want it coming out thinner and with crease lines (not textured lines but actual 3d crease-folds). I then plan to add some scribbling to it (by uv texture?)

The plug sockets are Indian style 220 V 50 Hz. The middle two holes are for fitting small sized two pin plugs. The top and bottom two holes are for three pin plugs. The “cup” is a metal tumbler in Indian style. Many tumblers have rims and slightly curved bottoms like that either by design or through long use (worn out edges). Maybe I curved the bottom too much.

A quick thought: it might be cool (and “realistic”) to have a camera reflection on the cup :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea, but that would require modelling realistic hands holding the camera for realism and that is a bit beyond my skills at the moment.

Anyway, here I have corrected the paper to look thinner and hopefully more realistic folds. I will probably add some writing on the paper and one more object to the scene to make it more interesting.

thanks for info on plug socket I did suspect it was a multi function thing but never seen one like that

paper looks better but whats that area to left of pen cap?? don’t like that bit

better reflection is a good idea and you can cheat by adding a image or you could try makehuman and find a camera on blendswop (other)
I’d cheat 'cos me lazy lol :wink:

That area to the left of the pen cap is where I tried to create a fold-mark on the paper. It didn’t work as I thought it would. I probably overlapped vertices somewhere. Not sure why that region gets shaded like that.

I am working on another object to add to the scene.

The pattern on the table seems to be repeating itself which to me makes it seem unrealistic.

Thanks. Is there any procedural wood texture in Luxrender that I can use which would look more realistic and not like a repeat pattern?

Here’s a final version of the scene.

I’ve titled this piece: “procrastination”.

The wristwatch is the most complex object I’ve modelled so far.

how did you do the writing on the paper.
im planing to do a beer on a napkin with a quote on it but no clue how to A) write on the paper (havent found a thread on that yet, maybe ill have to get an actual napkin and write on it. scan it and import as an image??) B) make the napkin wrinkled and look real (any help or sugestions there?? C) add the water ring to the napkin. also soliciting tutorials or help there

A) You can either write on a real piece of paper and scan it, you can use a graphics tablet to write your words digitally or you could just fake it by using a handwriting font in Photoshop with a napkin texture in the background.
B) Use the Displace modifier and modify the noise texture to make it look better or use Randomize in Edit mode and then use Subsurf to smoothen the edges.
C) Unless you want it to look like it just got there, just incorporate it into the texture by adding a dark ring in Photoshop.

I hope this helps you.