ball physics - Help would be colossal

I have a pool table and just want to animate a break, so i added rigid body and that, and set the stick up so it would move forward and supposably hit the white ball and the white ball hits the rest - when i click the mouse button and selected record game movement to ipo i think it’s called so it records the movement in the game engine to ipo so i can render it as an animation, when i enter the game engine § it’s like the balls have no gravity they just fly away :confused::eek: this is with the gravity set on bullet, yeh yeh so um i just want it to work like an ordinary pool table could anyone p[lease help.

maby they need more mass ?

Not many people set gravity to zero on accident. My guess is that your pool balls are intersecting with the table.

ah no gravity is set to 9.8, and i made sure that the balls are not touching the table or each other .

And ever since i updated to blender 2.48 the game engine is not working, when i press p the screen just goes grey, anyone know how to stop that.

Yes I have the same problem, it seems noone knows how to fix it :frowning: