ball uv mapping

hi all! im trying to create an american football in blender as my first test project. It looks fine and i have created the uv map, however when i open the project in unity and apply a material, it is not aligned correctly. the texture wraps and the seam of the ball is stretched and at the top left of the model

can anybody help? thanks

edit… heres an image if it helps

Hi, i found a long tutorial about your theme but don´t saw it complete, may it helps:

Cheers, mib.

hi thanks, i have watched that video before but its a bit different as it is more complicated and uses more sides. im hoping for a simple ball mesh with one seam

Single seam?! You are going to end up with stretching texture like crazy at the end of football! Trying to pull that off is going to be far more complex then braking the UV in to two. Is that what you want?