Hey, uhm… I had this unbelievable cliché thing in mind to understand more about blender… I want to make just… a glass ball/orb on reflective(glass,water?) underground, but I have no idea how to do that…so, any tips, links or … whatever… are very welcome.


This tutorial might be a good start


That tutorial has it wrong. When looking through a glass sphere, the center magnifies the background and the magnification falls off towards the edges.

I too am having a headache trying to figure out the IOR setting. In order to do a glass sphere you would need less than 1.00 IOR, but Blender won’t let you set it any lower than that.

I have tried flipping normals per another suggestion, but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

I would love to see a tutorial with proper settings for building a glass sphere.

Here is a better tutorial that simulates the refraction of a glass sphere nicely…

it does it by tweaking the Envmap settings.