Ball just goes through plane when game is activated, ghost mode is not set, does anyone know how to fix this?

Is the gravity to high? I’ve had that problem with planes before, when I had the gravity at about 30. Try it lower, if you changed it.

If not, it might have something to do with your collision bounds on the sphere. Try looking into that, or making the plane a bit thicker.

Maybe post the .blend file?

Post a .blend it will help us trouble shoot faster.

What do I have to do to post it? Do I need to host it in any way cuz I’ve never put any work on here before.

yeah, host it on or something(its frre) then put the libk to the file back here…

All right, I’m hoping this works.

Lol. That’s because the ball isn’t really above the plane, only its vertices are. The centre of the ball, as well as its bound, are below the third stair. Move the ball’s verts around the object center, then move it in object mode to where you want it to be.

Oh wow I should have known that one… lol. Thanks a lot, DanielKuan. :]

Also, use “Center New” in the edit buttons.

Thanks, Dim. Yet again, there’s a problem, but this time with movement. Here’s the file:

Can anyone tell me why the ball moves so weird on the stairs? Thanks.

The radius of the ball should match the ball graphics, and in your demo it’s way too small (0.01 unit). Never make the radius too small (below 0.20 units).

Please read the physics tips here:


Thanks a lot, that made things perfect. I have one final question, and that is: how, on a mac, can I save my game as an .exe? I read how to do it on a PC, but I can’t do it the same way on a mac. Thanks to all of you who had the patience to help me with my menial troubles. :]