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Hi all,

I’m glad to show your my new wip animation, a ballet dancing inspired from Polina Semionova.

I was shocked when I first watch this MV, the ballet dancing is so beautiful and amazing! I suddenly have a mind shoot into my head: I want to create it in Blender!

Polina Semionova is a very beautiful ballet dancer and her body is almost perfect~
But as my target is the animation, so I plan to use BenDenise’s Lyric rig instead. Thanks for Ben’s grate rig setting, this help me save a lot of time. I hope he will not mind. :slight_smile:

I keyed all the motion in the Action Editor, honestly I’m not quite good at key animation, I watched Mancandy and try to learn some tips on key work. The whole scene cost me over 1 month to finish the main control key set. Although now this is just a layout edition, but I think you can get some preview from my work.

The original video could be found here:

The blender layout edition is here:

I know I’m not quite good at key sth so I consider this is my practice project, later I would like to do more funny test. Such as clothes simulation and hair test. This could be fun and any C&C would be welcome :smiley:


Simply wonderfull, myve there are some problems with the “velocity” and camera some times, but it’s incredible!

You should really try to texture it and render it as a short

Hi there!!!

It’s awsome!!! :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing it, I mean, the video.

ps.: One thing that I saw is that you can smooth the movements working in the arcs. It will be more expressive and real. :slight_smile:



thx guys~ I would try my best :slight_smile:

This is really great. The one part that bugs me though is when she first gets up off the floor onto her knees. She like jolts up onto them. Nice work and a good test of Ben’s rig.