Ballistic Shield

I made this shield following a 3ds max tutorial. I wanted to create this model to help me improve my skills and it looks good to me but wanted to know what i can improve on. I was also trying to keep the poly count low (something i just started doing to speed up render times). I provided a front, back render and the back wireframe. Critiques would be greatly appreciated. [ATTACH=CONFIG]321525[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]321526[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]321527[/ATTACH]

But this is not a low poly model. You have lots of unecessary edges and verts.

Is the entire model one object? Because I can imagine you could drastically reduce the polycount by breaking the model up so not everything has to “fit”. (shield, “window”, crossbars, handles,…)

thanks for the advice i didn’t know really how to go about it, I’m not really sure when to make one whole object or an object with multiple parts