I was experimenting with softbody, trying to produce a jelly effect and produced an undesired result.

It is not looking like a ballon.

Hmm, there isn’t really anything soft about the render. Is that object subsurfed at all? Soft bodies are hard to see if the object just floats away. :stuck_out_tongue:

What the crap? How about making a simple UV sphere or something and stretching it out a bit. This isn’t looking so good…

I don’t think andrew was trying to make a balloon, I think his softbody sim just ended floating away like this.
Thanks for sharing andrew!

Yea, CoreyAvitar is right, I wasn’t aiming to get a balloon, but thats what I got. If you look at it, it puffs out, giving a balloon effect. I thought it was quite obvious.
Shall I change the first post so people don’t get confused? (That was more or less sarcasm, just thought I’d say that because you might get a little stumped on that aswell)