Balloon Tutorial Help Please.


So I’m doing this tutorial and all is well… but I’m stuck and I think it’s because I’m using 2.62 and the tutorial is a previous version.

at the 21:56 mark he creates a new Material and the a Image Texture. For the image mapping texture he chooses UV. At this point all is good… then within the Texture tab there is an image window in which he chooses the UV map he created for the clouds… that image menu does not exist. I have the UV image ready to go, but that menu for loading that image does not show.

Any ideas?

Have you set the image type to ‘Image or Movie’ ?
Attach your blend file or screenshot of your material and texture panels at the point you have the problem.

Hi Richard,

I figured it out. It was my fault. I wanted to select the image I did the UV Unwrap with, but when I clicked Image it gave me a File->Open Scenario. I didn’t realize I could click the image icon next to the Open Button… in doing so there was the image. Hope that made sense.

When Unwrapping, after opening an image in the UV Editor. Where does the image go, is it embedded into the Blend. Does the Blend have it’s own folder of images I bring in via the texture panel and UV/Image Editor? or does it go into a glob folder with all my other textures used with other Blend files?