Balloons ahoy (new re-rendered changed image)

I wanted to see how quick I could make a good balloon, then decided to make a basket and then I ran off with it and ended up with this.

Polycount was around a million and a half and took about 4 and a half hours to render.


Here’s the re-rendered version, clouds and balloons were changed a bit, I like this better then the first version.

EDIT2: the first image has been removed, I really like the second one more then the first, but I do know it’s hard to please everyone.

I think hot air balloons are smaller around the bottom.


yep the shape isn’t really correct, tweak the shape a bit and it will improve a lot

why did you need 1.5 million polys? i like the colours and patterns in the balloons, but i agree they are the wrong shape, and the clouds could use more atmospheric lighting.

I agree with troutmask, where did all the polys go…

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he must have counted all the polys on the scene, like all the baloons and that “mountain tip” in the background :confused:

I didn’t use 1.5 million polys for a single balloon, I used the polygon counter the render window puts on the top. Plus everything is subsurfed and has a thickness.

hot air expands. a sphere has the most area of any shape. so the balloon is gonna be as spherical as possible. yours is kinda squashed.

Thanks, yes the Balloons shape is a little off but you look at the first post I made a few changes.

-Balloons are way rounder
-Clouds have been altered
-You can see more of the peaks including the second one that was in the first image but covered by the clouds

Holes are also smaller from one comment.

Please reply and say if you like it better so I can remove the old picture.

Somehow I liked the colors and composition of the first render more than the second :slight_smile:

You might want to try one lower subsurface level, and/or setting the Octet setting to 256 or 512, and/or lowering AO samples to see if any of that will speed up render time.

This might also be an opportune time for you to experiment with the render nodes and see how a composited photo of a sky in the background might work out.

As always with Blender, lots of possibilities!

Keep on blending,


The second one did have it to 512 and it rendered pretty fast. I personally like the second one, the second peak is finally visible, the balloons are nice and round (their shape broke the first image according to some people), and the clouds look more wispy, light, and believable.