Ballpoint pen

Yup, some ballpoint pens. I modeled it after a BiC pen.

I dont know how to fix the image texture though; its too blurry. I even put the filter down to .1 ( is that right? for making it sharper? ) Its 1200 by 96 px image, so i dont really think its resolution.

Anyway, I have ang-map ( grace-probe ) and AO with sky texture light, and one area light. Samples on the lamp and AO are maxed and its still griany ( possibly due to the image colour AO )

Rendered with blender internal + gamma correction. ( via blender )

the models and materials are great. period. however if there is one thing that’s stopping it to look like a photograph, it’s the pen-caps. i can’t pinpoint what’s wrong with them. maybe their tips, they look too smooth.

and one more thing, about AO. i don’t understand why people tend to use the higest setting even when not neccessary. i thought AO using sky texture setting was needed when u are rendering outdoors. for a scene like this, i would use plain AO or maybe sky color. however, i am still kinda n00b, so correct me if that is not the right thing to do.

The pens are not bad at all :wink:

The blur is probably coming from the Ambient occlusion. I would put a highter value in the Sample box. To improve the render I would also add a sligh bump to the wood and reduce it on the pen caps. (just add nor to the wood and reduced the nor value for the pen caps)

i think the texture on the lids is a bit too shiny and not dark enough and thats why it seems unrealistic. also try enabling random sampling in ao

i think the texture on the lids is a bit too shiny and not dark enough and thats why it seems unrealistic. also try enabling random sampling in ao

I disagree, they aren’t nearly shiny enough. They are far too diffuse. Look at a pen lid, it is very smooth + shiny plastic.

Similarly, the rest of the materials on the pens look quite diffuse. The plastic bit before the ball-point and the main ‘barrel’ are fine, they don’t need to be all shiny.

Other than that, nice pic. It looks a little blurred, though. Try sharpening the AA (change the filter, perhaps trent .95)


maybe shiny isnt the right word, but they seem too bright. many pen lids are generally matte in colour not bright and reflective imo.

The red color isn’t too bad, but the blue- to use a term we used when I was in illustration classes at school- the blue is too “out of the tube”. Meaning the color is too saturated. If this were a painting, I would suggest mixing a bit of yellow ocre or something into the blue paint to knock down the saturation of the straight “out of the tube” blue. I’m looking at a blue bic pen exactly like the one modelled here right now, and the color is quite a bit less saturated than depicted here.

Really good job, though- very convincing. To me the blue color is about all that doesn’t seem quite right about it. You could probably bump the red down a bit, too.

Agreed, the colours are too bright. If you make them darker and more reflective, it will help a lot.


Materials: By looking at the pen, it IS sort of shiney, with a slight ‘noisyness’ to it. But I dont actually have a blue or black pen, so I just guessed. I think black is ok, but I used another blue pen for estimating the blue colour. And it was pretty much a solid BLUE. I tried lowering saturation a bit in this update.

Modeling: In the lid, its hard to see the detail in the front from the first shot, so i’ll blow that up.

I measured every part in millimeters and used the edge length feature. One cm is 1 blender unit, and one mm is .1 unit. ( since blenders units and metric are both 10 based, this works well. ) So its pretty much to-scale. I did notice an error in the lid myself; the top faces on the ring is supposed to be slanted downwards.

Everything is beveled. Where the clip on the lid is, got a bit tricky, so not everything THERE is beveled. But on the real thing, the bottom of the clip is pretty sharp anyway. :-?

And here are some large(1024 768) pictures of the lid.

lid front
lid back
lid wire

I think in the next update, at the risk of streached wood texture, I’ll make a bigger render, so you can see the writing on the pen.

I think i like the first blue myself. And sorry for the jpeg compression, although it seems to affect red more than anything. ( in other pictures too )

i think your materials were better at the start, but lack of deep shadow makes them look like they’re floating

one more small thing- if they are not a felt tip pen, which it is not as u have said these are ball point pen, the writing tips should be more reflective, shiny and maybe should have some ink on the front of the point.