ballroom - inspired by hannibar

hannibar, u inspired me :wink:
cya henrik

That is nice Henrik. My initial thought is it is a tad bit over post processed. But it is still a nice render.


lol, yeah… a bit is good hehe… i was sooooooooooo bored at work, so i just didnt stop postprocessing :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

That looks really cool, im not sure i can comment on the render, as it looks pretty simple. But you have post processed well. I’m not sure whether Hannibar intends to go for this kind of ‘woblyblurism’ :-? art. Or whether he just sometimes over post processes. I can tell from yours that you are most definayly going for the ‘woblyblurism’ art. Good work.
But shouldnt you have been working :slight_smile:

See if you can spot the made up word. :wink:

I feel sea sick :o

Its a neet pic though

excessive noise…looks like a genuine hannibar. :wink:


whats woblyblurism? :o

and whats the made up word? :-?

thanks for the comments tho, guys! :Z

Nice job man! I like the colors.

thanks dude! :smiley:

thanks for the inspiration as well :wink: