Ballroom Scene (feat. Dana Deathly and Dizzy Doom)

Here’s an animation I made for one of my best customers, Digital Lizards of Doom. It’s a ballroom scene featuring their two main characters, Dana Deathly and Dizzy Doom.

I used radial symmetry to reduce the number of frames necessary to rotate the room and chandelier. I.E. I only had to rotate the room a certain number of degrees to give the illusion of full rotation.

What I didn’t expect was a weird shadow flicker that appeared in the top right of the screen once we snapped back to the first frame, hence the banners I added to the left and right of the screen (which were used to hide the error).

Said banners were originally meant to be realized with a “Wave Modifier” effect, but when I deemed the result not up to expectations, I used a Curve Modifier effect instead.

Feedback (even highly critical feedback) is appreciated :slight_smile: Peace and God bless!

(Credits: Animation by me, music by Felipe Milk and Gabriel Valentin, editing by Ryan Joseph, album artwork by Charbak Dipta)

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