Balls and Hills and Skymaps oh my.

Edit: Yes, I know I cut off the edge of the landscape with my skydome. I’ve fixed it in the latest render. Thanks folks.

This is a test of some of [email protected]’s skymaps. I’m using half of an icosphere as a skydome - the world settings weren’t giving me anything I wanted - major texture stretching an other unplesant effects. Any other suggestions? Also, any suggestions for getting convincing grass? I tried dupliverting patches of mesh grass all over the cursed hill, with very little success. (Though the initial test yielded quite convincing garden-gnome sized gravestones covering the landscape.) Oh! And my spheres have…um. Gosh. For lack of a better description, they seem to have sphincters. Look at the convergence point for all of the verticies, and you’ll see a bit of a wrinkle, which looks rather like this: * and is stuck onto the end of the sphere. What is the story with that?!

Thanks in advance, folks.

(God damned bus. I hate buses. I get to look foward to a seven hour ride on a Greyhound with nutcases. Last time a drunk guy fondled the girl sitting next to me.)


try rendering these with ambient occlusion turned on and set to “sky texture”
this will color the ground properly

are your spheres nurbs?
I had a similar problem with a nurbs sphere and reflections

get some grass on the ground.

This looks like some of the stuff I used to do with POVRay, but without the weird media balls (Like a blender Halo, but more flexible and inside an object rather than being a point texture).
Sky Texture AO would be nice :D!

As I mentioned, I’m having trouble getting a good grass effect on the ground, or I’d have happily added grass. Again, any suggestions? I rendered a version using AO (sky tex) but, I believe due to my use of a skydome, it did not affect the render in the least, though it took quite some time to spit out (or at least relatively so).