Balls, balls and even more balls

Hey guys!

A set of renders from an ongoing project, planing on doing some more in this small series so suggestions for more balls are welcome :smiley:

Everything is made in blender, except the textures which i hand painted in PS.

Hope you like em!

And head on over to my insta to keep up with this project and when i gt around to making some more!

Have a good one //Adam


What’s up! I loved the theme of the project, Adam. Is it related to an advertising campaign or something? Because the format would work for many things. haha! I saw your work on Instagram and Uoww! They’re amazing, man.

You asked for suggestions for more types of balls, right? So here goes a very classic one, which for us Brazilians, I believe is the face of our grandparents: the “Bola de capotão”. It is the legendary soccer ball made with leather. It’s this one:

I would love to see that fit into the context of the project. haha