After having finished my pool table to my satisfaction, it’s time to go about it’s big brother.

This was originally made in C4D for a competition using spline modelling only, so I’ve had to convert to poly and export, which hasn’t worked as well as I would have liked, and I’m going to have to remodel a lot of it, but I can at least use this as a template. You can see most obviously on the UV unwrap of the table itself where it’s failed.

Ultimately, I plan on a complete scene.


Did some work on cleaning up the geometry (and there was a lot of redundant geometry), fixed the scale to real world measurements, fixed up the UVs and planted in the scene it will live in.

Still work to do, and in the original you could never see the top of the lights, so now looks like I’ll have to model something so that they aren’t simply hanging in space.

EDIT: Just noticed I have one red too many. Hmm. Guess I’ll have to decide which to delete. Doh! The one in the middle should be blue.

Nevertheless, progress.

Probably not going to get more time on this until next weekend, but here’s the latest.