Balsa wood model - Refamiliarization

Hello all, lets try this again. Stupid Internets hate me, and delete my post before it is posted 3 times so far, but meybe now.
I haven’t used Blender in a long time, I used to frequent this website before under a different name (back when it was grey O.O) but now I’m back with a brand new wrap. Haven’t been here in a looooooong time, so forgive me if i do something stupid :slight_smile:
To refamiliarize myself with Blender again, I decided to do a balsa wood model, unfortunately the first thing that caught my eye was a tank. So I decided to post here, so you can all laugh at me. :slight_smile:
here is my progress so far, one page of parts out of four, to be followed by constructing it all toghether >.<
EDIT: silly me, i forgot the image :stuck_out_tongue:


The wood pieces seem to be floating off the ground. Might want to fix that, and increase the AO samples.

The wood texture looks nice - maybe a bit stretched on the bottom-left rectangular piece of wood.

If there’s still more that you’re working on, you should probably post this in the ‘Work In Progress’ forum instead of the finished projects forum.

hey nice start, I wanna see it put together now. I use Blender myself to design models for radio control, so it would be nice to see what others come up with,

I don’t wanna overtake your thread, but thought I’d post a link to show you what I’ve done with balsa models and Blender

A bit of a tip - extruded curves are great for curving parts, it’s a shame Blender can’t extrude compound curves, then we’d really be able to do some cool modeling for balsa models.