Balsa wood tank

Let me first off say, I feel stupid. I come back after over a year away, and what do I do? I accidently post in the wrong forum… go me. Anyway, here it is in the correct forum, my vision of beauty (mmhm) a Balsa wood tank! Somewhat slow going right now, as I have many other things to do (like study, and learn what these node thingies are) but I have one out of 4 pages modelled.
C&C REQUIRED! please make me commit to this so I’ll actually finish! :stuck_out_tongue:
And ps, if anyone has a good balsa wood texture, please send it on over, mine isn’t the best.:cool:


lol nise style of modeling, i do this for atchitecture

are you using one of those cut out models for this?? lol