Baluchohominus Rex

Hi All,

First time poster here…just wanted to say hey. I discovered Sculptris this weekend, and having been an amateur sculptor for the last fifteen years or so, it was like a duck to water. I couldn’t put the thing down, and created the head of a creature I have wanted to design for almost ten years, ever since I sketched a simple version of his bust in a meeting at work years ago.

I call it Baluchohominus Rex, the Camel Troll. He is inspired by Balucatherium (aka Indricotherium) and the LOTR trolls. I used him for my avatar, and this creature will be the subject of my first project. I just hope I can pull off what I see in my mind.

I look forward to seeing the work of all of you and learning all I can about this awesome program environment.

It appears your attachment wasn’t posted, or wasn’t uploaded. It is probably due to your new member status. after a few posts, I am guessing it will work.
(edit) I guess that is your model on your avatar? Looks good. btw, be sure to try out blenders new ‘dynatopo’ sculpting tools, which will be part of the regular release some time in february.